Foamboard Sheets

Foamboard Sheets

Photoblock printing technique, which is one of the innovations applied in the field of photography and painting, is the reason for preference with its advantages and high quality image feature; It is a method based on pasting pictures or posters on a special structure of 5 or 10 mm thick cardboard and applying lamination on it.

Advantages of Foam Board
The advantages of foam board are many and varied, so you will find it used in many workplaces and in different situations. Foam board has a strong core and is completely rigid compared to other poster boards. The fabric can lay flat on its own, be supported or hung flat and is very resistant to curling and warping. If you need a durable poster board, foam boards are a better choice. Sponge board is also extremely light and slightly thicker than other board types. The foam core exerts a negligible effect on the weight of the product. The lightweight construction of a foam board makes it easy to transport, hang on the wall and store. Foam boards are extremely simple to print and cut due to their small weight. Pictures and drawings can be printed directly on the foam core and boards can be cut into almost any shape. For a weatherproof finish, laminate or frame your foam board. You can also choose from a number of different finishes, including glossy, textured and matte.

In this way, the paintings, which have a longer life and become more resistant to negative external factors, can also be easily hung on the wall without the need for a frame. Photoblock applications, which have a very light original weight, thus easily adhering to the wall, can be easily designed in any size, and can be used in all interiors without any problems as a superior standard decoration material. This application method, which is very attractive in terms of cost compared to other applications in its class, provides an aesthetic and visual integrity by coloring your areas without paying high prices, has a structure that is used quite often today and creates a preference with the advantages it brings.

Foamboard Sheets are products that stand out with their light structure and easy use.

Polycarbonate sheets, which provide the best use of daylight, are excellent materials that stand out thanks to their heat and sound barrier properties. While the corrugated polycarbonate sheet provides thermal insulation and price advantage thanks to its grooves, solid polycarbonate sheet stands out as an alternative and solid material to glass. To give some general information about the materials;

Kapa Line

KAPA®line is well established in the graphic, screen printing and flat-bed UV digital sector thanks to the solvent resistant polyurethane foam core and consistent smooth surfaces.

Kapa Tex

The three dimensional impression of the surface adds visual depth to any printed image. KAPA® tex is therefore ideal for applications such as advertising campaigns, shop signage and any decorative application. KAPA® tex can be fabricated just as other KAPA® foam boards.

Kapa Mount

KAPA® mount is a lightweight foam board with aluminium reinforced liners and chromo board cover liners. The panel is fire retardant and conforms to DIN 4102 B2 as well as EN 13501-1:E.KAPA® mount is ideal for screen and flat-bed UV digital printing due to the aluminium reinforced liners. KAPA® mount is also suitable for mechanical lamination and wet lamination (even with solvent based glues and inks).

Smart-x Sheet

SMART -X® sheet is lightweight, moisture, UV and weather resistant solid polystyrene (HIPS) surface, different and unique lightweight foam board for advanced applications in the field of visual communication.

Foam-x Sheet

Foam-x is mainly used to make signage, banners and exhibition display panels. It has a fine cell structure that makes it the preferred choice for professional digital printers, and comes in a variety of colours and specifications. You can achieve high quality, visually pleasing signage and display products which look far more expensive than they actually are.

Foamalite Plus

One side protective foiled sheets with white PVC sheets on both sides, covered with black recycled material in the middle; Foamlite plus sheet has excellent lightness and strength.