Petg Sheets

Pet-g/ Apet Sheets

It is a type of sheet that has versatile usage functionality and is obtained from copolyester glycol. Pet-g plate options, which are used for different purposes in many areas, especially in the advertising, food, construction, packaging and white goods sectors, are environmentally friendly, easily processed, look like glass but stand out with their much lighter and durable structure than glass. It has a new generation material feature that responds to different expectations simultaneously with its size and thickness measurements.

This product group, which is produced under three separate headings such as white pet plate, acetate pet plate and transparent pet plate, which is mostly seen as the packaging of beverage and beverage varieties, is also with its features that are easily shaped, resistant to external effects and impacts and resistant to chemicals. it also makes a difference. Pet g sheets, which are manufactured in standard 0.6 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm thickness, 125 × 205 cm and 205 × 305 cm dimensions, are much more advantageous and functional compared to other plastic sheets with all these features, resisting even temperatures up to 60 degrees.

Pet Sheets are perfectly extruded, impact-resistant, fire-resistant, food-compatible products.

High printing quality, ability to be processed in laser machines, having suitable components for food packaging, being extremely resistant to chemicals, impact and breakage, most importantly, being included in environmentally friendly products that are suitable for recyclability. It is also preferred with pet g plate prices.

Pet-g Sheet

It is the best choice for thermoforming and hot forming applications. Pet-g sheets have a "low flammability" fire rating, are suitable for use in the food industry, and show good impact resistance. It can also be printed on UV printers and used easily.

Pet Sheet (Apet)

Apet Sheet are products that are suitable for flat and arched applications and can be used by printing with UV printing machines. It has excellent temperature forming properties and is an impact resistant material.