Mirror Acrylic (Plexi) Sheet

Mirror Acrylic

Acrylic Mirror Models, which have a wide range of usage with their decorative appearance, light structure, economical prices and unbreakable texture, attract attention with their different styles and wide color scale, and are used in the decoration of homes, workplaces and many areas.

Acrylic Mirror Types, which have come to the forefront with their numerous advantages and high strength features in recent years and are preferred much more than normal mirrors, make a difference with their easy cutting and processing features. These products, which are a plexiglass material and are among the prominent advertising materials, are durable and light with their wide dimensions, standard thicknesses and rich color scale, as well as functional and easy to apply. When it comes to acrylic mirror prices, this mirror option, which has much more economical and attractive conditions than the products in its class that exhibit the same performance and advantages in this regard, is suitable and reliable for the decoration of all kinds of spaces.

Mirror Acrylic (Plexi) Properties

Perfect formability with heat
Bright and hard surface
It transmits heat 20% less than glass of the same thickness.
Its light transmittance is 92% higher than normal glass, and it is 6 times more resistant to impacts.
Its broken parts are not sharp edged and do not cause injuries.
It can be formed by pressure and vacuum.
It keeps its shape after it cools down.
Its surface is copper-hard and can be scratched with a brush and sandpaper.
It has a bright appearance in all its transparent and colored forms.
B2 / Class 4 / UL 94 HB fire resistance
Very good UV resistance
91% light transmittance

Mirror plexi is generally used in small interior decoration works, displays, commercial products that require visuality, store designs and acrylic applications where safety is important not to break. For example, break-resistant mirrored plexi is used instead of fragile standard mirrors in children’s furniture. You can create variety in your designs with color varieties.