Polycarbonate Sheet

Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheet is one of the most special and perfect gifts offered to the building sector by the new generation product solutions, it is much more durable, much more aesthetic and much easier to apply in exterior cladding and roof light applications thanks to its numerous advantages compared to other material options in its class. polycarbonate sheet options are preferred with their economical prices and long life.

The international abbreviation for polycarbonate, which was first synthesized by the partnership of General Electrics and BAYER, is PC. Light transmittance is close to glass, heat, chemical substances, scratch, impact resistant, suitable for food, transparent plastic material, with light transmittance close to glass, can be shaped in accordance with thermoform and cold bending, preserving its durability at very low and very high temperatures, preventing the sun’s ultraviolet effect They are plates produced from high quality raw materials, which are not affected by external environmental conditions, 50% lighter than glass of the same thickness but with 300 times higher impact strength.

Solid Polycarbon Properties

Excellent resistance to concentrated acids and mineral oils
Intermittent max operating temperature 140 C°
Suitable for food contact (UV-free plates)
B2/ Class 1Y/ UL 94 HB fire resistance
Max working temperature 130 C°
Perfect formability with heat
Excellent outdoor resistance
Can be cut with guillotine
88% light transmission
High impact resistance
UV resistant
Cold bending

Multiwall Polycarbon Properties

Easy cutting and processing during assembly
B2 / Class 1Y / UL 94 HB fire resistance
Working temperature -40C°, + 120C°
High impact resistance
Excellent light transmission
Excellent outdoor resistance
Can be cut by guillotine
Chemical resistance
UV resistant
Cold bending
Resistant to hail
Extremely light

Polycarbonate sheets, which provide the best use of daylight, are excellent materials that stand out thanks to their heat and sound barrier properties. While the corrugated polycarbonate sheet provides thermal insulation and price advantage thanks to its grooves, solid polycarbonate sheet stands out as an alternative and solid material to glass. To give some general information about the materials;

Solid Polycarbonate

This plate, which is non-flammable, does not pass the harmful rays of the sun, is easily shaped by cold and hot bending and has high thermal insulation properties, is three hundred times more durable than glass, but it is a hundred times lighter than glass.

Multiwall Polycarbonate

It is a material with high impact resistance. Due to its different thickness and multi-cell structure, it provides high thermal insulation and homogeneous distribution of light. Multiwall polycarbonate It has high impact resistance.

Locked System Polycarbon

Locked system polycarbonate sheets are the fastest and easiest materials to apply with high light transmittance. Locked system polycarbonate sheets are connected to each other with appropriate connection accessories.