Locked System Polycarbon

Locked System Polycarbon

Locked Polycarbonate Sheet, which is one of the most special and perfect gifts for the construction sector of the new generation solutions, is much more durable, much more aesthetic and much easier to apply than other material options that are not said to contain it, with its economical prices and long life.

Locked Polycarbonate Sheets; You can buy a lot, like shopping sale, indoor stat, factory, hotel, hospital.

With its light and non-flammable structure, danpal polycarbonate panels are applied in oblique or spherical models and applied in oblique or spherical models, it is the most radical of skylight and facade cladding solutions with its long-term light transmission feature, non-yellowing texture, high performance against adverse air and impacts The advantages of Locked System Poly Carbon Panels are countless, and the prices of Locked Polycarbonate Sheets are extremely attractive and minimal. It is easy to apply and has a long life. Its usage areas are wide, labor cost and application time are minimum.

In 8-10-12-16mm thickness, the standard length is 12 meters. With its single and multi-cell structure, which is locked with 60 or 104 cm locked polycarbonate sheets, polycarbonate lock or double tabs on the top combined with aluminum connectors, which makes the most effective use of daylight.