Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel

Although Aluminum Composite Panel is a product used especially in the building sector, it is a special product that is preferred in many areas such as decoration and advertising, with its easy application feature, economical prices, modern appearance and light structure, which is both ergonomic and contains numerous advantages.

Aluminum Composite Plates, which are obtained by placing polyurethane filler between two aluminum plates, are used extensively for facade cladding thanks to their high thermal insulation strength, high resistance to fire, modern designs and cheap workmanship, and they are used for high standard buildings without putting extra load on the carrier system and columns with their light structure. prepares the ground to be made.

These products, which create more modern, durable and low-cost projects by replacing heavy and financially burdensome materials such as stone, brick, and yutong for the outer surfaces of buildings, are also used for purposes such as renovation of old buildings, thermal insulation and facade cladding, and increase their standard and value. It has features that can be easily preferred for all kinds of purposes and projects with its size and thickness. Regarding Aluminum Composite Prices, panels with extremely economical cost and attractive conditions according to the advantages they provide, also constitute a preference priority with their rich color options.

Usage Areas

In advertising and billboard design and applications,
Indoor and outdoor applications of buildings,
In trade, business-shopping centers, shops,
Tunnel - Metro stations interior coating,
Airports, train stations, bus terminals,
In exhibition fair centers and stand applications,
In stadium and sports complex applications,
In all kinds of balcony decoration applications,
Bank and hotel facade applications.

Aluminum Composite Processing

Aluminum composite plates, which are used for many purposes in the construction sector and are among the most preferred options for advertising, promotion and promotion purposes in industrial areas, while adding stylish and aesthetics to every area used with their bright appearance, durable structure, long life, It draws attention with its non-corroding and deforming feature. Despite its high strength, it is a product that can be processed very easily by using special machines, can be cut in different sizes and dimensions, as well as writing, logo or emblem, painting on aluminum composite types, advertisement board, promotion and direction sign, promotion It is an extremely suitable material as a tool. Thanks to the modern technology, which is supported by computer software, which you can choose from hundreds of shapes, texts and patterns, which you can choose from the program, perfectly processing the plate on the plate, materials that are unimaginable are created. This, of course, increases customer satisfaction and offers unrivaled product options for use in many service sectors.