Pvc Sheets

Pvc Sheets

Being a good advertising material and an extremely practical partition and interior dressing element, foam pvc sheet models are easily used for many purposes with their rich color options and variable size thicknesses.

This product group, which has a hard, smooth and smooth surface and provides ease of transportation, storage, transportation and application with its light structure, is not affected by adverse weather conditions and is also extremely radical against the damage of species such as fungus, mold, termite and bacteria. It is a lightweight, durable material that is an ideal option for direct printing and lamination. It is primarily used in high quality sales, display and exhibition stands due to its smooth, flat surface.

The types of foam PVC panels that show resistance even against very high temperatures, can be used even for insulation purposes in interior spaces due to its structure and receive extremely positive feedback; It is one of the new generation productions with its economical prices, easy application feature, digital printing capability, light structure and high strength against all kinds of negativity.

Usage Areas

To apply separators and front bands to stands in fair and exhibition organizations
Suspended ceiling construction solutions
Cabinet and counter designs for the healthcare industry
Construction site and watch box designs
Billboard and facade ads
Prefabricated building
Sign and direction signs

PVC Sheets are used in many area they are robust and light materials.

It is the most used areas. In addition, these products, which constitute the ideal solution for many other purposes, are the most practical and advantageous solutions that new generation inventions have brought to the advertising and building sector. Contact us for foam pvc sheet prices.

Sign-Ex Sheet

Sign-ex Dekota boards, which can be used for coating purposes with its smooth and decorative surface, can be processed by hand and can be easily applied in digital printing, are sold at very economical prices thanks to their extremely light core mass, and are extremely easy to transport and store. It is easily preferred in the sales stand, partition and many other building elements and is extremely easy to apply.

Ongropack Sheet

It is a product with excellent printing quality that stands out with its lightness as well as its durability used indoors and outdoors.It is preferred by many sectors because it is hardly affected by moisture and weather conditions.

Mirror Surface Pvc Sheet

This plate, which is non-flammable, does not pass the harmful rays of the sun, is easily shaped by cold and hot bending and has high thermal insulation properties, is three hundred times more durable than glass, but it is a hundred times lighter than glass.