Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic Sheets

Although it has a glass appearance, it is much more durable and lighter than glass, as well as 20% less permeable than glass at the point of heat permeability. has a feature that can take shape. Acrylic plate models, which do not have sharp edges, can be easily shaped, and have a much more functional and ergonomic product option with unlimited color alternatives, have the opportunity to use in many areas from food to health, from furniture to the building sector.

These products, which can be used easily for all kinds of purposes thanks to unlimited color, thickness from 2 mm to 40 mm and different size dimensions, are also called plexiglass sheets, all of which have an incredible brightness, both transparent and colored options. Acrylic sheets are also extremely advantageous and attractive with their prices. Our company, which markets products produced for the most economical solution options in creating designs and designs for any purpose, supplies products under the most special conditions with its rich product range, regardless of the purpose of use and the option of expectation.

Acrylic Sheets are produced as cast and extruded.
It is known by names such as plexiglass, mica, plexi, acrylic.

Colour Options

Unlimited color options with spectro, photometer and color match program used.

Easy Processing

It has no direction like extruded acrylic. Therefore, it provides convenience in thermoforming and bending processes.

Wide Usage

In bathrooms, sound barriers, billboards, stands, aquariums, decoration and architectural works.

Extruded Acrylic

Extruded acrylic is made through a process in which liquid plastic is passed through pressing rollers until it cools. The sheets obtained by this process are softer than cast acrylic and can scratch more easily.

Import Cast Acrylic

Imported cast acrylic is produced by mixing acrylic liquid components between two glass molds. A chemical process in the mold results in a product with relatively less thickness tolerance with equivalent properties in all directions.

Cast Acrylic

Local cast acrylic is also produced by mixing acrylic liquid components between two glass molds. It is a product with more thickness tolerance than imported cast acrylic plate, but with an advantage in color and size.