Import Cast

Import Cast

Sumipex cast acrylic sheets are the product of the Japanese giant Sumitomo Chemical company and there is no design that a creative designer cannot do with sumipex acrylic sheets. Sumipex acrylic sheets that do not contain toxic and heavy metals, providing high transparency and UV resistance; can be cut by laser and cnc. Thicknesses 1 to 19.5 mm It is between 135×200 cm or 203×305 cm.

Imported Gypsum Plaster Description

Our company is known for delivering Imported Gypsum Plaster that has best quality over market available gypsum plaster. It is available in large packaging options. The customers can pour the plaster powder into a bucket and add water to create a blend. You can also add a pigment to get the coveted shade for your construction or wall-leveling applications. The provided Imported Gypsum Plaster additionally dries fast under normal conditions and temperatures.

Bulid on is a company selling one of the world best stucco gypsum plaster. Bulid on has a highly qualified and experienced team of young & enthusiastic employee for all the technical support who are determined to cater all its customer needs to their uomost satisfaction. Bulid on is suppling their quality gypsum to many reputed buliders. architects, project consultant and contractor, adding value to their prestigious project

Application of Imported Gypsum Plaster:

  • Surface must be clean, dry, firm & free of dust.
  • Important properties like soluble salt content, thermal characteristics, shrinkage, strength, suction bonding properties etc. of the background which is to plastered, should be evaluated before application.
  • Stucco Gypsum Plaster can be applied directly on most of the surfaces like a Brick wall / Fly ash brick / Siporex blocks / Concrete surface /Sand _ cement plaster wall etc.
  • Suitable fixture can be fixed after the plaster reaches its initial setting time. Once the plaster has set, you can put up fixtures of varying weights. Smaller one can be supported by using steel hooks and pins, while heavier frames and objects can be accommodated with plugs and screws, or suitable fixtures, adequately penetrated into the background to ensure a firm hold. 

Direction Of Use of Imported Gypsum Plaster:


  • The right way to mix is to add powder to water, not water to powder.
  • Avoid mixing more powder that can be used within 1 minutes. 
  • Do nit temper or mix fresh material once a mix has started to set.
  • After taking the required amount of plaster, always fold the open end, to protect the plaster from moisture
  • Setting time cannot be altered by diluting the mixture with water. 

 FAQs of Imported Gypsum Plaster:

What is the most extreme thickness of gypsum mortar?

The thickness of undercoat of gypsum mortars are by and large 11 mm thick for walls and 8 mm thick for roof and finish coat mortar is 2 mm thick.

Is gypsum mortar eco agreeable?

In the first place, gypsum mortar is one of the most generally used putting materials in the structure business. It has a decent natural effect. It likewise means an enduring and eco-accommodating item. Gypsum mortar is currently a fundamental part of building development and fix.

What is the inclusion of gypsum mortar?

It tends to be applied to a typical thickness scope of 6-15 mm on walls in a single coat and up to 10 mm on roofs. For thickness over this reach, material should be applied in two coats . The thickness shouldn’t increment to in excess of 30 mm (normal thickness) on walls and 20 mm (normal thickness) on roof. 

PMMA is a kind of thermoplastic resin that dissolves in a flammable and organic solvent. PMMA is widely known as the “Plastic Queen” due to its exceptional properties such as exceptional clarity, weatherability and mechanical properties, as well as an attractive gloss among other clear plastics.