Solid Polycarbon

Solid Polycarbon

Another polycarbonate sheet option with a glass appearance and aesthetics is Solid Polycarbonate. Solid Polycarbonate Sheet Types, which are preferred instead of glass in areas where safety is important with their unbreakable structure, are preferred with their high light transmittance and light structure, is a new generation building material with a thickness between 1 and 12mm and standard 205x305cm length references.

This plate, which is non-flammable, does not pass the harmful rays of the sun, is easily shaped by cold and hot bending and has high thermal insulation properties, is three hundred times more durable than glass, but has a feature of a hundred times lighter than glass. Our company, which develops superior security and lighting solutions in numerous fields, especially in the electronics industry and sound barriers, produces these products with the identity of Solid Polycarbon Sheet Manufacturers and offers them for sale in much more attractive conditions than other organizations that sell Solid Polycarbonate Sheets. It also reveals the difference with Polycarbon Prices.

It is the international abbreviation (PC) of polycarbonate, which was synthesized for the first time with the partnership of General Electirics and Bayer. They are plates made of high quality raw material, resistant to chemicals, scratches, impacts, very low and very low temperatures, can be bent hot and cold. Solid polycarbonate sheet is ten times more resistant to impacts than PET-G, two layers of PMMA (acrylic).

Security equipment; motorcycle and safety helmets, in-store designs, sports halls (basketball potoas), medical equipment, industrial machinery and covers, vehicle glass and warning lamps, where work safety is important and safety is first-class, bank, office, building entrance and used in the outlets.

Solid polycarbate plate, which is also used as a sound barrier on highways, is also available in bulletproof glass applications.

Solid polycarbonate sheet with up to 88% light transmittance, easy printing, easy to take slightly curved shapes, shape with heat, continuity in color quality due to UV layer, processability, storage, use, ease of installation and resistance to natural conditions, solid polycarbonate sheet is a very important building material.