Lumex Sheet Types, which is a pet-based sheet with its thermoplastic polyester feature, unique product options and an extremely wide range of use, are divided into different categories, each with its unique features, creating the most ideal usage options for different areas.

Pet G Sheet This product group based on Pet G, which has a wide range of usage areas such as stairs and machine railings, thermoformed products, embossed products, indicators, mobile vending machines, interior coatings, medical devices, cake chocolate molds, bicycle helmets, With its dozens of advantages, it has priority over other options in its class. This plate type, which is a leader in its category with its long-lasting, resistant to chemicals and impacts, fully recyclable, economical cost, fine and bright texture, and it is easily used in the food sector with its structure that does not contain any harmful substances that may adversely affect human health. and makes a difference with its shipping features.

UV types Lumex UV plates, which are distinguished from other product groups with their double-sided protection layer, create great results in many areas such as outdoor displays, signs, transparent coatings, roof domes, safety glasses, bus stops, and easy application. and makes a difference with its high strength against sunlight, burning and chemicals.