Foam-x Pvc

Foamex Pvc

Foamex is a superior quality, extremely versatile PVC foam sheet that is fabrication friendly.  It is easy to bend, cut, drill and glue and you can print on it.

Lightweight and high strength
• Easy to clean and manufacture
• Exceptional printability
• Low flammability
• Resistant to chemicals and corrosion
• Smooth, thin, closed-cell structure
• Good resistance to light and weather conditions
• Approved for use where food is processed and sold
• Thermal and sound insulation – absorbs vibrations and oscillations
• Matte finish ready to accept most inks, paints and vinyls

Please note: Due to manufacturing and cutting tolerances, sheet length and width may vary by +/- 1/4″. Sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and may vary across the sheet, but the differences are typically less than 5%.
Expanded PVC Foam Board is a tough yet lightweight material commonly used in POP displays, signage, display boards and non-load bearing applications. Thanks to its consistent cell structure, it is a good substrate for digital printing, screen printing, dyeing, lamination and vinyl lettering. Acme Plastics’ Expanded PVC Foam Sheets come in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. Standard page size is 48″ x 96″ and custom cut option is available.

What is Expanded PVC Foam Board?

Expanded PVC foam board, also known as expanded polyvinyl chloride (PVC), is a lightweight, rigid form of expanded foam polyvinyl chloride. It is commonly used for commercial purposes like digital and screen printing, laminating, vinyl lettering, signage, and more.  Eco-friendly and non-toxic expanded PVC sheets provide strength, durability, and flame and chemical resistance while remaining easy to cut and shape.

How is Expanded PVC Foam Board Made?

Expanded PVC foam board may come in a variety of different densities; as a result, the raw ingredients used to make the plastic are mixed together under controlled conditions and then dispensed into a mold based on the desired application. The mold is then sealed, clamped shut, and placed in a large press where it is then heated. Finally, the material is expanded in a hot water bath to reach its final destiny and cured. Once cured, the blocks are cut into sheets of various thicknesses. An expanded PVC foam board can be cut to size as easily as wood, softened and shaped to fit a specific need.

Not to Be Confused with Foam Board

Expanded PVC foam board is often confused with foam board, but don’t get it twisted, there are vast differences between these two materials!  Foam board or foamcore, consists of polystyrene foam and can have an outer facing of paper on either side. It is frequently used for light duty, indoor applications. It is also popular to use as backing material in picture framing or in photography as a reflector to bounce light. Expanded PVC foam board is super durable, light, and flexible and made from a polyvinyl chloride. Unlike foam board, PVC boards are available in varying thicknesses and may be printed on either side. They are also excellent to use in outdoor applications since they are strong and resistant harsh weather.  Foam board is meant for indoor projects as it tends to melt away and dissolve when mixed with outside elements, glue, and certain types of paint. Expanded PVC foam board lasts longer than foam board is a preferred choice for signage, yard signs, menu boards, directional signs, and more.

What is it used for?

Foamex is mainly used to make signage, banners and exhibition display panels.   It has a fine cell structure that makes it the preferred choice for professional digital printers, and comes in a variety of colours and specifications. You can achieve high quality, visually pleasing signage and display products which look far more expensive than they actually are.

What are its advantages?

Foamex is manufactured with a high quality smooth finish that can be fabricated or cut to shape, allowing designers to create attractive graphic panels for exhibitions or advertising applications. It is a cost effective alternative to more expensive options such as plywood, MDF or aluminium, and extremely durable.


Can I use it outside?

Yes, Foamex is Water Repellent / weatherproof and does not ingress moisture so it is ideal for external applications.  It is warranted against UV fading for up to 7 years outdoors and 10 years indoors.

Is it easy to hang / mount?

As a strong, rigid material, it is easy to hang using self tapping screws, double sided Velcro or double sided adhesive pads.  Mounting on Foamex will give you excellent dimensional stability and it may be reused a number of times.