Lumen Foils

Lumen foils are a foil option that displays pictures, signs and writings on it as if the lamp is on, even though there is no light source. Lumen Foil Types, which are used to form direction signs for the evacuation of crowded groups of people in sudden situations such as traffic signs and markers, are an extremely effective method for finding emergency exits and marking dangerous areas such as cliffs in the dark, which are extremely important for human life.

Lumen Foil, which has the ability to reflect the energy stored from sunlight or other light sources coming on it for a long time at night, is a polyvinyl chloride based material and has an extremely wide range of uses. Our company, which is one of the most established and ambitious names in its field as a company that provides the supply of Lumen Foil with extremely economical Lumen Foil Prices, is among the leading names of the sector with its customer-oriented service understanding and the service quality that it never compromises.