Self Adhesive Vinyls

Self Adhesive Vinyls

Economic Cutting Foil; It is a foil option that is produced for short-term use, does not have an illuminated feature, and is hung on areas such as walls and glass for advertisement, announcement or promotion.

Cast Foil; It is a foil option that is especially used for vehicle wrapping, attracts attention with its high strength, flexible structure and unlimited digital printing color and pattern application on it, and does not damage the paint and floor during adhesion and removal.

Transparent Foil; As the name suggests, it is one of the colored but transparent foil options, which is a transparent material and used for decoration on glass.

Translucent Foil; It is the non-transparent version of transparent foil. It is a type of foil, which is an option generally used for traffic signs, does not tire the drivers by distributing the light hitting it homogeneously and is used only in illuminated areas.

Leaf Foil; It is a practical and cool foil option that is preferred in the area decoration and gives a foil appearance to the areas where it is applied as its name suggests. It has chrome, matt chrome, gold and leaf color options.

Reflector Foils; It is one of the most common foil options we encounter on the roads. It is a species that creates the effect of a lamp burning when the light hits it and provides a clear view of the environment in which it is applied, has a limited color chart and has some durability problems.

Fluorescent Foil; It is a foil option that has a brighter appearance even at night compared to reflector foils and is used for very special purposes. It is the preferred type to draw attention to its location and is most frequently applied on ambulances.

Self Adhesive Vinyls are products of different purposes and colors used for decoration and advertising.

Translucent Foil

Translucent Foil; it is the non-transparent version of transparent foil.

Carbon Foil

3D looking carbon foil is scratch and weather resistant.

Reflective Foils

It is produced from acrylic resins and glass micro beads with high reflective properties. It is very resistant to harsh conditions (heat, cold, dry and humid weather conditions).

Lumen Foils

It is a foil option that displays pictures, signs and writings on it as if the lamp was on, thanks to the energy it collected from a light source, even though there is no light source.

Leaf Foil

It is an imitation product that can be applied to all kinds of surfaces with gold, silver, copper colors. Strong adhesive foils used instead of paint in furniture decorations do not leave a sticky trace when removed.

Cutting Foils

It is a perfect material that adds color and liveliness to the environment with its wide range of vivid color options, which find its place in many areas such as cut foil types, posters, direction signs, window graphics, both indoors and outdoors.

Glass Decoration Foil

It is a highly functional method developed for showcases, glass doors, glass walls or glass partitions used in many areas such as home, workplace, airport, bank, hotel for decoration purposes, without separating long efforts, large budgets and large time periods. It is the foil that allows you to get the view.

Colored Cast Foils

It has a thickness varying between 0.11 and 0.13 mm and has an extremely flexible structure, so it is laid as a very thin layer on the vehicle and does not compromise its original appearance and the view from inside to outside. The vehicle dressing method, which is easily opened when it is wanted to be removed, completes its task without leaving any negative traces on the vehicle.

Bonnet Protection Foil

Regardless of the Bonnet Protection brand or model, it is one of the most reasonable and essential methods you can apply to your vehicles to prevent damage from the problems that occur while on the road. As the name suggests, it is a protection film applied to bumpers, fenders and side skirts to protect them from factors such as stones, sand and gravel.