Vinyl Tarpaulin

Vinyl varieties, which are one of the products of the new generation technology and have an extremely wide area of ​​use, have the features that make the choice of choice with their high quality texture, perfect appearance, long-term durability and easy-to-clean structure, which give extremely dazzling results especially in the decoration of outdoor spaces. .


With its vinyl varieties and a rich product range that will appeal to all tastes and tastes, our company provides a great advantage to you, our valued customers.

Frontlit Vinyl Printing options, which are among the most assertive and widely used methods of outdoor advertising, which is an effective advertising method used to visually announce the products to be marketed or the services provided to large masses; It is one of the unrivaled printing methods with its durable long life, unbeatable attitude against negative external factors and weather conditions, and its visual elegance.

For more detailed information about this product group, which is a reason for preference with its extremely attractive price conditions despite its elegance and multi-functional structure, and with its different size and thickness options, it has achieved excellent results in every purpose, and for a clearer result regarding Frontlit Vinyl Prices call our representatives.

Luminous Vinyl

In today’s conditions, where advertising is very important, however, advertising costs are also very high, the search continues constantly, with the new methods introduced, low-cost but high-return applications are tried to be introduced. Signboards, one of the most economical and well-known methods of the advertising industry, are among the main elements of spreading to large masses, attracting attention and being the reason for preference, and they have very modest budgets in terms of cost. The most important element of these products, which are divided into many product groups and each emerged with different qualities and missions, in recent years is undoubtedly the Illuminated Vinyl Types.

Lighted Vinyl Models, one of the most rational inventions of today, considering the incredible effect and remarkable feature of vivid colors, light and LED on people, are also fluorescent lamps after printing the desired texts and pictures using digital printing methods on transparent and high light transmittance vinyl. It is laid out with the stretching principle on the composites prepared by using. This product group, which allows the light to be reflected outside at the highest resolution thanks to its PVC-based structure, thus enabling the names, texts, pictures and announcements printed on it to be seen clearly and vividly; It is the most effective and radical invention of the advertising sector with its durable and durable long life, its structure that is least affected by external conditions and adverse weather conditions, its decorative appearance and aesthetic stance.