One Way Vision

One Way Vision Printing, which is used for glass coating or cladding thanks to its light-permeable properties, does not allow the areas where it is applied to be seen from the outside with its perforated structure, however, it allows the glass to continue its function without preventing the outside from the inside.

One Way Vision Types, which are the most functional solution applied to hairdressers, shops, shops on the road and car windows, provide many advantages at the same time, long life, resistance to UV rays and ease of use with digital printing. It is one of the favorite product options.These products, which allow pictures, texts, promotions and slogans applied with digital printing method to be seen by a very large audience in the glasses they are used, as well as adding a decorative appearance to the areas where they are located with their aesthetic stance, are both effective advertising and It is a good decoration material. You can contact our customer representatives for One Way Vision Prices.

It is a perforated white laminated flexible adhesive perforated product with a glossy coating. Thanks to its evenly formed holes, it provides a single vision effect from the glass, but its biggest advantage is that you can make your visual advertisement from the front without interruption and you can see the outside without interruption from the back.