Lamination Foil

With its Lamination Foil Manufacturer identity, our company, which offers its products in different sizes and thicknesses to the service of its customers with extremely reasonable Lamination Foil Prices, supplies foils that exhibit perfect results in digital prints and keep their first clarity for a long time.

Foils used in many areas such as advertisement, decoration, stationery; It is a method of pressure applied on top of it in order not to wear out, to increase its durability and to show high resistance against negative external factors. Foils, which have extremely attractive results as exterior or car cladding, display advertisements and interior decoration materials due to their adhesive backing, become even more advantageous with the lamination method, their ergonomic structure and the perfect storage of the print on the first day. makes it easy.

It is one of the attractive methods applied in the form of a transparent film on it in order to protect your visual materials from the negativity of external factors and to ensure that they remain intact for many years without losing their color and first day appearance. ORAFOL lamination and joining foils constitute the most assertive brand and product group in this regard. You can use lamination method not only for the protection of colored materials such as pictures or posters, but also to protect the bumper, hood or fenders of a new car from stones or other substances on the road.

Stone Guard Foils in the Oraguard series are one of the options that will provide the most effective protection to your vehicle when laminated. One of the most special techniques we can apply to minimize the aging and deforming effects of time and to ensure that everything that belongs to us preserves its first day appearance for a longer time Lamination method becomes even more effective and long-lasting with Oraguard Foil options.