Foamalite Plus

One side protective foiled sheets with white PVC sheets on both sides covered with black recycled material in the middle; FOAMALITY PLUS SHEET is of excellent lightness and strength.
FOAMALITE PLUS can be used indoors and outdoors. If you are looking for a material that is as light as photoblock plates and as durable as composite panels, the right product. It can be cut with many cutters such as utility knife, saw, cnc, recline saw sizing. It can be shaped with thin joints.
The only flaw is that laser cutting and engraving machines may not give the desired result, this will be a cut that is entirely up to your skill. The plates are suitable for direct UV printing and screen printing, but can be done in foil coating and plastering.
It is an 80% recyclable material and is resistant to aqueous acid, alkali and salt solutions and oils, aliphatic compounds. However, acetone and alcohol deform the material over time.

In short;
Bright smooth white surface
Durability and scratch resistance compared to standard PVC panels
– 80% recyclable.
-Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.
Usage areas;
Standard visual presentations with advertisement and promotion boards
Partitions wall coverings
As decoration material