Duratrans, a material and printing method used especially in the advertising industry, is ideal for combinations where light is used as a background. Duratrans printing technique, which has extremely high light transmittance and is a perfect method for the services or products you want to advertise and promote, is even more effective with its three-dimensional options.

Our company, which offers practical and long-term solutions for the building sector and makes your life easier with its rich product range, does not recognize any competitors in this regard with its strong infrastructure and modern technology, and presents Duratrans Prints that look perfect. These products, which are a method but also used as an effective decoration material in the interiors of many private businesses such as galleries, hotels and stores, are perfect options for areas where aesthetics, elegance and elegance are at the forefront. These products, which can be printed with high resolution digital bass in any color tone, are extremely assertive with their durability and strength.