Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tape

The tapes that make our life easier and have a very wide usage area; It is divided into types such as single-sided tape, double-sided, Foam Tape, transparent, acrylic, mesh, etc., according to their structural characteristics and the mission they are installed on.

We think the Double Sided Tape Types are the most functional and ergonomic of this product group. These products, which are used in many sectors such as automotive, construction, medical, electronics, textile, printing and packaging and are an indispensable fastener, as the name suggests, not only have adhesive on one side and one-sided adhesive, but the same feature both Our company, which is very ambitious among double-sided tape producers as in our other service areas, has both product quality and variety in terms of double-sided tape sales and economic double-sided tape prices. is also a reason for preference. These products, which have strong adhesive properties and are used in many areas, including industrial sectors, are manufactured in various lengths and are offered for sale in line with needs.

This product category, which has the ability to adhere two different surfaces together at the same time by using it as an intermediate connection element, is divided into different product categories.

Transfer Tapes; This product option, which has a very thin structure and is used especially in areas such as assembly and end joining, is a tape solution that has an extremely high performance against dust, heat and moisture and has a very high adhesion value.

Double Sided Paper Tapes; It is a product group that has a very strong adhesive value and has an extremely wide range of uses.

Double Sided Polyester Tapes; This type of tape, which is named with this name since its carrier material is polyester, and whose resistance and strength is increased by using acrylic-based adhesive, is used in many areas for many different purposes.

Double Sided Vinyl Tapes; It is a dual-sided tape option that is used to laminate many products and has a challenging and numerous task areas, especially to fasten carpets and tiles with its high performance.