Kapa Tex Pvc

Kapa Tex Pvc

The textured surface of KAPA® tex includes a primer finish and is therefore an ideal substrate to achieve fine print images.

The three dimensional impression of the surface adds visual depth to any printed image. KAPA® tex is therefore ideal for applications such as advertising campaigns, shop signage and any decorative application. KAPA® tex can be fabricated just as other KAPA® foam boards.

  • Lightweight foam core – with unique ‘canvas’ textured liners
  • Excellent flatness and dimensional stability
  • Ideal for direct digital printing, screen printing, lacquering, painting, contour cutting, gluing etc…
Processing instructions for KAPA® lightweight boards
  • Use a cutting mat as an underlay
  • Mark out the size be cut
Manual Cutting:

Position a steel or aluminium straight edge, pressing down to prevent slippage.

Cut in a smooth, continuous motion along the straight edge, (keeping the cutting blade as flat as possible). Multiple passes may be necessary, especially on boards of 5mm thickness and more.

Cutting with a vertical or table cutting unit:

Set up the cutting guide precisely and at 90°. The material holder and the cutting head are then moved, either manually or electrically.

Properties & advantages at a glance
  • Excellent flatness and dimensional stability
  • Resistant against solvents
  • Problem free application of solvent based inks and glues
  • Printable by screen print or direct-to-substrate digital printing
  • Easily formed into 3 dimensional frames
  • Costs reduced as no stretching, taping or wooden framing required